COVID Safe Plan

Being COVID safe @ QYMA events

The Queensland Youth Music Awards is being run under the strict compliance of the current guidelines for COVID safety and as such there are a few things you should be aware of:

For all QYMA nights - everyone has a responsibility to be COVID safe and adhere to the 'new normal' – as with all things COVID, this is an ever changing and evolving situation:

  • Under current guidelines (CLICK HERE to view) any student member of a school band/choir/orchestra coming to QYMA you will not be required to show any vaccination proof as they are seen as a school group on excursion. 
  • For anyone who is unwell on a QYMA night, they are asked to stay at home and a full refund of audience tickets will be provided
  • For audience maintain physical distancing (1.5m) when entering and exiting the venue + wear a mask when distancing is not possible.  For schools, they are to remain in their ‘school bubble’ and maintain social distancing with other schools and audience.  
  • Maintain good hand hygiene – high touch points at QYMA events will be regularly cleaned
  • Flexibility in knowing that we all need to rapidly respond to outbreaks so understanding if QYMA nights need to be adjusted / cancelled
  • Comply with any travel restrictions from hot spots and ensure that if you have been to a hot spot that you should not attend a QYMA night. 

Also, all performers will be 4m distance from the audience during their performance.  Participants must follow the direction of QYMA and venue staff to avoid congestion and crowding.  Difficult or aggressive behaviours will not be tolerated - when in doubt BE KIND. 

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