Conditions of Entry

Prior to entering the 2023 Queensland Youth Music Awards, please review the conditions of entry.

Conditions of Entry

1. Copyright: The Queensland Youth Music Awards hold an Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) licence. All entrants should supply the adjudicator with an original copy of the music score and should observe all copyright requirements under the AMCOS agreement for schools.

2. A full score of the music to be performed must be handed to the secretary at least 20 minutes prior to the advertised start time of the section. Where a contestant's leader / conductor is unable to comply with the above, alternative arrangements must be made for delivery.

3. Entrants should not exceed the time limit indicated in the choral or instrumental section detailed information. Three points will be deducted where an entrant exceeds the time limit.

4. In Orchestras/Bands the number of performers on stage at any one time must not exceed the maximum specified for the section unless a relaxation has been approved.

5. All entrants will be judged on the following criteria and the adjudicator's decision is final:


  • overall sound quality: blend, balance, tone, intonation
  • technical elements: accuracy, rhythm, articulation
  • musical interpretation: style/phrase, dynamics

Suitability and Presentation

  • Suitability of the chosen music for the individual/group’s technical and musical capacity. Contrast of selection.
  • Communication of music to audience, stage presence, discipline, level of confidence, appearance.

Your score will reflect the following Certificate Awards:

Score 86-100: Gold Certificate Award

Score 76-85: Silver Certificate Award

Score 70-75: Bronze Certificate Award

6. Four electrical amplified instruments will be permitted in instrumental groups or bands. In all cases, equipment, power connections and cords must be set up and removed by the performers in co-operation with stage management.

7. Conductors are not permitted to sing or play with their ensembles.

8. In addition to one adult piano accompanist, a choir is permitted to use another adult instrumentalist. Adults are not permitted to perform with ensembles in instrumental sections with an exception allowed for a primary school string ensembles, who may use an adult piano accompanist.

9. In line with national and international choral competition rules, a singer may not perform in more than one ensemble in any one section.

10. An instrumentalist may perform more than once in a section provided he/she uses a different class of instrument for each performance.

11. Backing tracks are not allowed for any section. 

12. At the committee's discretion, heats may be held in sections where there are adequate entries. All heat entrants will be awarded with bronze, silver or gold certificates. Finalists will be determined at the conclusion of each heat.

13. The secretary reserves the right to cancel any section where five or fewer contestants have been entered. If any section proceeds with three or fewer contestants, the prizes offered will be 50% of the amounts shown on the official schedule.

14. All competitors must be attending a recognised state or private school and must be attending the same school/campus. Ensembles made up of combined schools are eligible for an adjudication and certificate but not prize monies/places.

15. Any protest must be lodged with the secretary before the adjudication is announced.

Please note that your feedback to the committee is greatly appreciated.

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