Results 2017

2017 Results

Section 2 Primary School Choir to Year 6 (10 - 30 voices)  (18 May)
1st & Gold Award The Gap State School Senior Choir
2nd & Gold Award Banksia Beach State School Advanced Choir
3rd & Silver Award Ferny Hills State School
Silver Award Moreton Downs State School Advanced Choir

Section 5 Junior Choir to Year 4 (max 60 Voices) - South  (29 May)
1st & Gold Award Somerville House Poco a Poco
2nd & Gold Award Ormiston College Pochino Choir
3rd & Silver Award Redeemer Lutheran College Junior Choir
Silver Award St Bernard's Year 2-3 Choir, Churchie Preparatory School Junior Choir, Clayfield College Piccolo Choir

Section 5 Junior Choir to Year 4 (max 60 Voices) - North   (1 June)
1st & Gold Award  Northside Christian College Northside Piccolos 
2nd & Silver Award  Boondall State School Junior Choir 
3rd & Silver Award Prince of Peace Lutheran Junior Choir 
Gold Award  Kurwongbah State School Junior Singers (non-competitive) 
Silver Award     Eatons Hill State School Eaton Lollipops, Eatons Hill State School Eatons Hill Minors
Bronze Award St Paul's School Red Shirt Choir, St Benedict's Primary School Junior Choir 
   Living Fatih Lutheran Primary School  

Section 6 String Ensemble to Yr. 6  (5 May)
1st & Gold Award         St Peter's Lutheran College Amadeus Strings
2nd & Gold Award        Ironside State School Chamber Strings
3rd & Gold Award   McDowall State School String Ensemble
Gold Award Genesis Christian College Intermediate String Ensemble, 
St Peter's Lutheran College 
Corelli Strings
Silver Awards Oakleigh State School Senior Strings, Genesis Christian College Junior Strings,  
Bronze Award  St Patrick's Junior String Ensemble  

Section 7 Primary School Concert Bands  (15 May)

1st & Gold Award   Banksia Beach Advanced Concert Band 
2nd & Gold Award  Oakleigh State School Concert Band 
3rd & Gold Award  Ferny Grove State School Senior Concert Band 
Gold Awards  McDowall State School, Albany Hills State School Senior Band 
Silver Awards  Rainworth State School Senior Concert Band, Genesis Christian College Primary  Concert Band, The Area Hills District Band (non-competitive), Boondall State School  Concert Band 
Bronze Awards  St Patrick's Junior Concert Band 

Section 9 Primary Choir to Year 6 (max 60 Voices) - HEAT 1   (22 May)
Gold award Warrigal Road Senior Choir, Warrigal Road Boys Boys Choir, Ambrose Treacy College Junior Choir, Yeronga State School Stella Voce 
Silver award  Ormiston College Singers, St Pius X Choir, St Bernard Senior Choir, Redeemer Lutheran College Choristers, Churchie Prep School Choir 

To Section 9 Final Warrigal Road Senior Choir, Ambrose Treacy College Junior Choir, Yeronga State School Stella Voce 

Section 9 Primary Choir to Year 6 (max 60 Voices) - HEAT 2  (25 May)
Gold award  Northside Christian College Vivace Voices, Kurwongbah Senior Singers (adjudication only), 
Silver award  Boondall State School Senior Choir, Living Faith Lutheran Primary School 
Bronze award  Moreton Downs State School Choir, Bribie Island State School Choir, Eatons Hill State School Eatons Majors

To Section 9 Final Northside Christian College Vivace Voices, Boondall State School Senior Choir, Living Faith Lutheran Primary School 

Section 9 Primary Choir to Year 6 (max 60 Voices) - HEAT 3  (26 May)
Gold award  Somerville House Cantabile, The Gap State School Girls' Choir, 
Silver award  St Agatha's Performance Choir, Clayfield College Campo Della Voci, Samford state School Vivace, Marist Voices
Bronze award Senior Choir Voices of Jamboree, Stafford Heights State School Choir

To Section 9 Final Somerville House Cantabile, The Gap State School Girls' Choir, St Agatha's Performance Choir

Section 9 Primary Choir to Year 6 (max 60 voices) - FINAL   (5 June)
1st  Somerville Cantabile 
2nd  Warrigal Road Senior Choir 
3rd  The Gap State School Girls' Choir 
Harley Mead Encourage Award  Northside Christian College Vivace Voices 

Section 21 Secondary School Choir Advanced   (30 May)
1st & Gold award Redeemer Lutheran College Senior Singers
2nd & Gold award St John's Anglican College Bella Voce
3rd & Gold award John Paul College Concert Choir
Gold awards MacGregor SHS Show Choir, MacGregor SHS Vocal Harmony
Silver awards St Paul's School Auditioned Choir

Section 22 Secondary School Choir (Intermediate)  (23 May)
1st & Gold award Somerville House Cantrice
2nd & Gold award Kingston State College KPAC Choir
3rd & Gold award Mount Alvernia College Showcase Chorale
Gold awards  Ormiston College Chorale, St John’s Anglican College Chorale, Churchie School Choir
Silver awards  Southport State High School Choir, Ambrose Treacy College Chamber Choir, St Paul's School Bald Hills Senior School Choir, Genesis Christian College Events Choir, Padua College Assisi Choir, Craigslea State High School Craigslea Melodia 
Bronze award  Murrumba State Secondary College, Murrumba Singers

Section 24 Secondary String Orchestra - Advanced (A Grade) (4 May)
1st & Gold Award         St Peter's Soloists
2nd & Gold Award        Brisbane Girls Grammar School Vivaldi Players
3rd & Gold Award         The Gap State High School Divertimenti
Silver Awards               Genesis Christian College Senior Strings, St Peter's Tchaikovsky Strings

Section 25 Secondary Concert Bands - Advanced (Grade 2.5 and above) (3 May)
1st & Gold Award Redeemer Lutheran College Senior Concert Band
2nd & Gold Award        St Paul's School Wind Ensemble
3rd & Gold Award         Brisbane Girls Grammar School Wind Symphony
Gold Award                   St Peter's Symphonic Winds
Bronze Awards            Genesis Christian College Secondary Concert Band, St Patrick's Symphonic Band

Section 26 Secondary Concert Bands - Intermediate (Up to Grade 2)  (3 May)

1st & Gold Award         Redeemer Lutheran College Intermediate Concert Band
2nd & Gold Award        St Peter's Wind Ensemble
3rd & Gold Award         St Paul's School Concert Band
Silver Awards              Brisbane Girls Grammar School, St Peter's Concert Band 1
Bronze Award              Aspley State High School Concert Band 

Section 27 Secondary String Orchestra - Intermediate (B Grade) (4 May)
1st & Gold Award         Brisbane Girls Grammar School Albinoni Strings
2nd & Gold Award        St John's Anglican Academy Strings
3rd & Silver Award       The Gap State High School Chamber Strings
Silver Award                 St Peter's Perlman Strings
Bronze Awards             Redcliffe State High School Chamber Strings, Brigidine College String Ensemble, 
St Patrick's String Ensemble

Section 29 Secondary School Choir Year 7 - 9  (30 May)
1st & Gold award BGGS Encore
2nd & Silver award Clayfield College Clayfield Choristers
3rd & Silver award BSHS Junior Girl's Vocal Ensemble
Silver awards BSHS Ragazzi Juniors, St Patrick's College Junior Voices, Redeemer Lutheran College Voiceworks

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