Choral Sections

Entry Conditions

Entry Fee - Primary School ensembles - $95.00 per section
Entry Fee - Secondary School ensembles - $195.00 per section

All heat contestants will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards.
Sections which attract an adequate number of entries will be divided into heats and finals. 

Please see the conditions of entry. 

Primary School Choirs

Two (2) contrasting pieces of own choice, up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

SECTION 5 Junior Choirs to Yr. 4 (max. 60 voices)
1st - $200  2nd - $100  3rd - $50

SECTION 9  Primary Choir to Yr. 6 (max. 60 voices )

1st - $300  2nd - $150  3rd - $75

Secondary School Choirs

Contrasting pieces of own choice, up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

SECTION 21 Secondary Choir - Advanced (For the top choir from a developed choral program)
1st - $200  2nd - $100  3rd - $50

SECTION 22 Secondary Choir - Intermediate (For choirs from a developing choral program or intermediate choirs from a developed program) 
1st - $200  2nd - $100  3rd - $50

SECTION 29 Secondary Choir Yr. 7-9
1st - $200  2nd - $100  3rd - $50

General Information for Conductors

Information for conductors - note the changes to be inline with COVID restrictions:

  • Choirs are to be no larger than 60 voices.
  • The piano will be positioned left of the conductor 
  • There will be floor markings on the stage for choir positioning - a detailed plan will be forwarded with the confirmation email.  
  • With regards to warm up rooms and seating in the auditorium, detailed movement plans will be available closer to the time.  
  • Please remember to refresh your memory on the conditions of entry. CLICK HERE to access

The following complimentary tickets are available for your ensemble's:

o   School Principal or Deputy

o   Conductor and accompanist

o   Two supervising adults (if required)

All seating for audience and performers will be pre-allocated.  Online tickets sales will be available with the final schedule for forwarding to your families.   Tickets will be $15.  

Please submit a copy of your music to the secretary’s desk at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement time of your section, along with two (2) copies of the Adjudication Information form CLICK HERE TO ACCESS.

Copyright requirements under the AMCOS agreement for schools must be observed. In accordance with copyright laws, any unauthorised photocopies submitted to the secretary for the purpose of adjudication will be discarded.

Ensure that your students are quiet during all performances and wait quietly until instructed to move.

Ensembles will be escorted in turn to the warm up rooms prior to their performance. Use of these rooms must be strictly supervised by a teacher – please note that there will be detailed logisitics around the movement of ensembles to ensure COVID safety. 

Original music and adjudication sheets may be collected, by the conductor, from the secretary’s desk at the conclusion of the evening.

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